Finalist - Las Vegas International Film
FinalistHonorable Mention - Los Angeles

A quarter-life dramedy inside Orlando's most fatal attraction

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Mediterranean Film
Semi-Finalist - Los Angeles CineFest - 2
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Semi-Finalist -              Flickers

Award-winning feature screenplay 

(seeking producer)

Semi-Finalist -         Stage 32
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Script Reviews

"Overall, I really enjoyed reading this script. It was filled with vivid imagery such as the characters looking like skeletons (vampires)compared to the rest of civilization. The author did a great job of juggling a wide cast of characters and making them all different and easy to tell apart. The concept felt very fresh and I loved all the behind the scenes moments. There were a lot of great characterization moments for all the characters"

Austin Film Festival Reader feedback

"The setting and tone of the script are very charming...Zoey's journey is a funny, enduring, and relatable one.



Slamdance reader feedback

"The story utilizes the haunted house environment to create unique situations that couldn’t play out anywhere else. The setting is a character here. That’s solid work.

Scareactor is also a story infused with youth, which is vital considering that it’s a story about young people. It feels genuine and not forced. It’s real."

BlueCat Screenplay contest reader feedback

"I enjoyed reading this because of the nostalgia factor-it brought me back not only to the city I grew up in, but my mindstate when my world revolved around stupid boys."

Jamie Jessup-Script Consultant,

former Executive Assistant for Warner Brothers Entertainment Group and New Line Cinema

"I enjoyed how you pay homage to the setting by peppering jump scares throughout the script." 

Dyllan Fernandez, Script Consultant, actor

It is real-against a farcical facade.  The dialogue is fresh and could be the next "Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  It's the ensemble and how they interact that makes this script work.

                                   Rory Penland -Comedian/screenwriter/actor


A budding actress discovers the dating world is more horrifying than the popular haunted attraction in which she works while she tries to figure out the secret to lasting love before it's too late.

(shorter version) A haunted house actress discovers the joys and horrors of falling in love in her twenties.


"A quarter-life dramedy inside Orlando's most fatal attraction"

"Sometimes surviving your twenties means letting your inner demons out to play"

"Love, sex, and the horrors that come with it"

"Don't be afraid to have a little fun"


In the shadows of Orlando's theme parks resides Terror at Skull Manor, a year-round haunted attraction in downtown Orlando. A comedic journey of quarter-life angst arises in 1995 when Zoey, a young actress smack in the middle of her 20’s lands her first acting gig and soon falls way too hard and way too fast for an irresistible and opportunistic coworker named Jordan. Unfortunately his interest is fleeting-but hers isn't and she finds herself trapped in a perpetual state of limerence. He is her drug of choice, and she craves another “hit,” despite the fact that he has moved on with another coworker. 

     While improving as a scareactor, making friends and new experiences with an eclectic group of coworkers she develops inner strength and a means to free her own inner turmoil. Zoey's world is not all that's falling apart. The beloved attraction is falling into disrepair over age and neglect. Will Zoey find the love she desires before it’s too late? 


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