A quarter-life dramedy inside Orlando's most fatal attraction

Award-winning feature screenplay 

(seeking producer)


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Austin Film Festival Reader feedback

"Overall, I really enjoyed reading this script. It was filled with vivid imagery such as the characters looking like skeletons (vampires)compared to the rest of civilization. The author did a great job of juggling a wide cast of characters and making them all different and easy to tell apart. The concept felt very fresh and I loved all the behind the scenes moments. There were a lot of great characterization moments for all the characters"

Slamdance Screenplay contest reader feedback

"The setting and tone of the script are very charming...Zoey's journey is a funny, enduring, and relatable one."


In the shadows of Orlando’s theme parks resides an independent haunted attraction where a new actress lands her first gig finds herself trapped in a state of unrequited limerence with an irresistible coworker and struggles to get her heart and mind on the same page.


"A quarter-life dramedy inside Orlando's most fatal attraction"

"Sometimes surviving your twenties means letting your inner demons out to play"

"Don't be afraid to have a little fun"



In the shadows of Orlando's theme parks resides Terror at Skull Manor, a year-round haunted attraction in downtown Orlando. It is 1995 and a young actress lands her first acting gig, where she falls way too hard and way too fast for an irresistible and opportunistic coworker. Unfortunately his interest is fleeting-but hers isn't and she finds herself trapped in a perpetual state of limerence. He is her drug of choice, and she struggles to get her heart and mind on the same page. While improving as an scareactor, she develops inner strength and a means to free her own inner turmoil. Others deal with their own  personal demons-a subtle irony for a group of people who make a living scaring others. The job itself helps create this makeshift family, helping them grow personally and professionally while navigating their 20's as performers in one of Orlando's smaller-yet-premier independent attractions that tourists and locals alike visit. It is the shared love and loss of their home to corporate interests that ultimately unites this group forever.

Inspired by the former year-round haunted attractions, Terror on Church Street and Skull Kingdom in Orlando, FL.

The story incorporates lots of fun horror visuals that are part of their daily work routine that takes full advantage of the main setting. While the story is fictionalized, the location of the haunt pays homage to the professional haunt Terror on Church Street, which existed from 1991-1999 during downtown Orlando's heyday.   The majority of the ScareActor official teaser footage is from Terror on Church Street (Orlando),  two clips from Skull Kingdom (Orlando), and one from Legends (Orlando).

Terror on  Church Street documentary

Skull Kingdom Documentary

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